Meet Our Vocation Team

A religious vocation is a sacred responsibility. Every Sister in our Community expresses an active concern for vocations, present and future. Our supportive prayers, apostolic witness, understanding presence and joyful religious living all help to inspire and encourage young women to recognize and willingly answer a divine call.

All people have a universal call to holiness. Our vocation team accompanies you as you take the time to respond to God. In today’s world, we are saturated with voices clamoring for our attention. Our vocation team will help you to learn to tune out all the sounds that distract you from the one voice speaking to your heart.

We invite you to contact one of our vocation team members to learn more about vocation discernment.

 Merrillville, Indiana
Sister Joanne Marie,

Chicago, Illinois
Sister Deborah Marie,

Danville, PA
Sister Carol Ann,

Bronx, New York
Sister Suzanne,

San Antonio
Sister Linda Marie