Sister Michael Ann Orlik, SS.C.M.
General Superior

Sister Barbara Sable, SS.C.M.
Assistant to the General Superior

Sister Deborah Marie Borneman,
SS.C.M. Second Coucilor

Sister Linda Marie Bolinski, SS.C.M.
Third Councilor

Sister Madonna Figura, SS.C.M.
Fourth Councilor

Sister Sara Swayze, SS.C.M.
General Treasurer

Sister Jeanne Ambre, SS.C.M.
General Secretary

Our Sisters

The Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius began as a religious congregation of women to meet the educational needs of children of Slovak immigrants who were rapidly arriving in the coal regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Then, the Sisters were mostly the daughters of Slovak immigrants who wished to preserve their faith and culture, and to provide children a way to remember and embrace their heritage.

Today, although we come from different backgrounds and regions of the country, Slovak culture and heritage continue to be celebrated and preserved. We are all united as a congregation by our faith, charism and mission.