Become an Associate

Associate Identity in the Church

The renewal of The Associate Movement is a relatively recent in the history of the Church.  It is a movement directly influenced by the Holy Spirit and teaching of Vatican Council II.

The Associate Identity provides lay people with an opportunity to share more directly in the mission of the Gospel and the Church by association with the women and men who take this to be their one sole purpose in life. The Associate Movement recognizes that all of us are called to be holy according to our chosen state of life, and affirms our alignment with our present pope, Francis.

Today in the Church, many religious communities invite lay Christian women and men of all ages to become Associates. This association is separate and distinct from the consecrated life lived by professed members of the Congregation.

Associate Identity in Our Congregation

Associates of our congregation are women and men who feel called to a deeper relationship with God through a closer relationship with members of a religious community. This relationship is built upon:

  • Desire to fulfill baptismal consecration, which calls for a life of faith that presumes spiritual growth; view Association with the congregation as a means of nurturing that growth
  • Desire to be identified with the charism, spirituality and mission of the congregation as it is lived by the vowed members of the community
  • Desire to be involved in the prayer and mission of the congregation
  • Desire to develop a relationship with the congregation by participating in a period of preparation that includes meeting over a span of months with a member of the congregation who serves as a mentor
  • Desire to join the vowed members and other associates in liturgical prayer, faith sharing, retreats, conferences, social outreach and other forms of participation in the spirit of the Gospel

Become an Associate   

If you desire to deepen your spiritual relationship with God and with others as an Associate of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius, please contact:

Sister Madonna, SS.C.M.
Associate Coordinator

Please identify your interest in the subject line of your email.  Sister Madonna and other Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius will be happy to share more information with you, initiate a process of preparation, and celebrate the Ritual of Welcome when you are ready. We encourage you to visit and “like” our Facebook page, which provides broad views of our Charism, Mission and Spirituality.